I'm Karsh.

Entrepreneur and software business consultant


Who am I?

I am an enthusiastic 21 year old college student from University Toronto. I live and breathe computer technology, ever since I was 7 years old. When I saw my father soldering some wires to fix our broken TV I was in awe, I soon began taking apart all my toys to strip the wires, lights, motors and speakers out of them so I could fit them into something of my own creation. I was a doctor in my room, taking parts out of one device and bringing fixable ones to life. Soon I was getting asked from everyone around my neighborhood to fix their computers, TV's, etc.

Once I started high school my focus shifted towards software and hardware; While students in my class would work on HTML and Alice, I was making a new device with LEDs which would be controlled by a computer's parallel port.

Today I continue to pursue my passion and advance my skills at University of Toronto Edward Rogers Electrical and Computer Engineering department. My vision for computer software blends with starting my own business to help people and businesses around the world with the incredible advancement of growing technology.

Areas of Specialization:

● Computer Security
● Machine Learning
● Computer Graphics

Areas of Coursework:

● ECE568 - Computer Security (Professor Courtney Gibson)
● CSC411 - Machine Learning (Professor Raquel Urtasun)
● CSC418 - Computer Graphics
● ECE469 - Optical Networks and Communications
● ECE345 - Computer Algorithms
● ECE344 - Operating Systems (Professor Ding Yuan)

My Skills

iOS Development

Backend Technologies

Web Development and Design

Android Development

Clients Delivered
Projects Done
Years Experience

My Portfolio


ZenSports makes it easy and fun for people to get off the couch and out there playing sports. ZenSports starts with helping people find and reach out to others nearby that are into the same sports that they are. For players that are more competitive, they can find, register, and pay for leagues, tournaments, pickup games, etc. ZenSports also has several social features that allow players to live stream themselves playing, and share pictures, videos, and stories that are going on in their sporting lives.

I was in charge of all technology that went behind ZenSports. We built an amazing mobile app that connects amateur sports players all around the world. Technologically we were very innovative and moving fast to build a community of ecstatic users!

One Tap Check-In

During the start of my senior year at the University of Toronto, I launched One Tap Check-In - a powerful cloud analytics and customer management software on mobile and web. We power very large game events for enterprise businesses like the MLSE who owns the NBA Toronto Raptors, NHL Toronto Maple Leafs, and MLS Toronto FC.

Our software platform has been used to manage over 100,000 customer’s data and powers some of the biggest concerts, games, and events in the city of Toronto. We acquired over 150 users in a span of 2 months with little to no marketing once we launched as a SaaS business for small business owners, event planners, and front desks.



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Phone: 514-712-nine4eight2

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